The biology of story

self-study course

The most comprehensive exposition ever produced on

the nature, purpose and power of stories.

Forever strengthen your relationship with the stories in your work and your life through a path-breaking, self-paced online course.

Join Professor Amnon Buchbinder and 14 visionary story practitioners as they reveal the principles that underlie all uses of Story

in more than 70 richly illustrated video clips.

Students say the course supercharges 

inspiration,  opens transformative insights,

and deepens creative thinking.

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Denni Liebowitz

Psychoanalyst in Private Practice,

Berkeley, USA

“Timely and deeply connected with the challenging places we, and the world, find ourselves today.  I felt excited and challenged, nourished and inspired, both professionally and personally.”

Alison Humphrey

Theatre/Media Artist & Scholar,

Toronto, Canada

“By clarifying what makes a story 'Story' – what makes it life-participating and life-sustaining – the course’s conceptual framework has proven enormously useful to my work as a writer.” 

Mostafa Youssef

Film Director and Instructor

Cairo, Egypt

“Helped me see through the mind-jam that I suffer from while attempting to work on a project. It showed me how to have faith in the creative process and to identify what wants to emerge.”

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