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The Biology of Story Book is currently available in e-Book form containing complete transcripts of all materials in the Course
and much more!
Available Formats:
(download link provided on order)
PDF      ePub     mobi

A story is a living thing.

And living is a Story thing.

But not all narratives are stories.


Based on the life-changing course of the same name,

and drawing from the path-breaking 70-hour
interactive documentary,

this book will forever strengthen

your relationship with the stories in your life and work

as it reveals the principles and practices that underlie all uses of Story.


Offering the most definitive exposition ever produced

on the nature of stories, The Biology of Story

crosses the boundaries between art and life and fields of practice.


Whether you are a creator telling stories in old or new media,

a professional seeking tools to deepen and transform your practice,

or just a human being seeking to live more keenly,

filmmaker, author and teacher Amnon Buchbinder

and 44 guest teachers from a wide range of fields

bring you powerful concepts guaranteed to super-charge inspiration,

open transformative insights and deepen creative thinking.

what is included
  • Transcripts of all lecture videos and interview clips, extensively footnoted with additional comments, references and links.

  • A new introduction, discussing the story of this project.

  • Complete guide to the principles that define Story's biology.

  • Glossary with the course’s specialized etymology-based definitions.

  • Special playlist highlights from the interactive documentary.

  • Profiles of guest teachers.

  • Bibliography.

  • Index.

  • Subscription to coming updates with revised and additional material.

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